From vintage to traditional, big or small, one thing is true for every wedding – it’s the biggest day of your lives. The perfect way to celebrate the day and add a special touch of class is with live music.

Why have live music?

Whether you have already a DJ lined up for the reception or are just starting your wedding planning, you should consider having live music as part of your big day. As guests arrive at your reception venue, they can enjoy a drink at your cocktail hour. Having live music brings a whole different dimension to this part of your wedding day. It gives an elegant, classy feeling that will set it apart from hanging out at a local bar.

During the reception, live music is always a great choice, either alone or alongside a DJ. While a DJ can play some chart hits, a live musician can really respond to the crowd. From your first dance to the last dance of the night, a live musician can offer a special touch that pre-recorded music just can’t.

From the cocktail hour to the reception, a live singer and musician can bring the touch of class to your wedding day that you have been dreaming about for years.

Is live music expensive?

Many people rule out live music without really looking into it. They simply assume that hiring a professional musician will be out of their budget. However, with many different packages available, there is a live music option for any budget. These include cocktail hour packages, reception packages, and a discounted package for booking both together.

While planning a wedding can be expensive, live music should never be ruled out. It can be an easy way to add that extra touch of class you want, and is something that can turn a good wedding into a great wedding.

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As a live musician for your wedding day, Paolo Siani and his talented musicians can perform in a variety of styles. This ensures that the music truly suits the wedding you have planned. From delicate piano played at your cocktail hour to the romantic sounds of an Italian ballad sung for your first dance, he can bring the touch of class to your wedding that other music simply can’t.

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